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'North Pole Snow' (Box of Holiday Cheer, Elf Help, Stocking Stuffer) - (Sold Out)


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Our North Pole Snow Box makes for a great gift, fun props or gifts for/from your elf, or a complete stocking stuffer pack.

North Pole Snow by Inklings Paperie:

Make 16 cups of fluffy "snow"! Just add 4 cups of water, and watch snow grow before your eyes! Flakes will grow to 100x their size. This snow is perfect for holiday parties, for making snow slime, or as a fun and easy indoor sensory activity for kids! Send it to family and friends who live in warmer climates, and share the joy of snow with them!
• Made in the United States

Mini Surprise Ball Ornament by Tops Malibu:

Beautiful to hang on the tree or open as a gift on Christmas! A memorable gift for adults & kids. These Christmastime Surprize Balls have become a part of treasured holiday traditions for families around the world. Vintage holiday-inspired treasures are tucked carefully within layers of colorful crepe paper ...simply unwind to reveal what's inside the surprise Ball. Contains 5 prizes. Surprises inside vary by style & may include: vintage-inspired toy, keepsake, charm, gem, sweets, confetti popper, fortune, temporary tattoo, quote & more. Surprize Balls are handmade by artisans in the USA. (Children over 3 yrs, small parts.)

Glitter Holiday Play Dough Roll by Land of Dough:

This perfectly sized play dough roll by Land of Dough is easy take with you on the go!
If you believe it, you can create it! These Jolly Pals, and Snow Buddy dough rolls, are here to help you deliver some ho ho holiday hits. 

• Made in the United States

Peppermint Lollipop by Hammond's Candies:

A classic treat in the classic flavor. Hammond's Peppermint Lollipops are pulled and twisted by hand, just like they have been since 1920.

  • Made with gluten-free ingredients / Kosher
  • 2 oz. lollipops approximately 11.5" from the top of the lollipop to the bottom of the stick, 3.25" in diameter
  • Made in United States

Dark Chocolate Dunking Spoon by Hammond's Candies:

Stir up the perfect cup of hot cocoa with hot milk and this delicious chocolate dunking spoon. Size: 1.5 oz.
Made in United States
Santa Spinner by Jack Rabbit Creations:

Spin right into the Christmas spirit with this quality wooden spinning toy.