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Santarella Book

A Merry Twist on Cinderella
Author: Suzy Senior
Illustrated by: Lucy Semple
In this hilarious retelling of Cinderella, it's Christmas Eve, and Cinderella is disappointed that her sisters have gone out and left her home alone. But then Santa Claus shows up at her house and needs help--and Cinderella is eager to lend a hand!
In this hilarious spin on the traditional fairy tale Cinderella, it's Christmas Eve, and Cinderella's sisters have left Cinderella home alone to take care of the housework. Then Santa Claus shows up at Cinderella's house and needs help: He hurt his back, and now he can't lift his bag of toys! Cinderella eagerly lends a hand, and the two spend the evening delivering toys all around the world. When they're done, Santa offers to drop Cinderella off at the big party--but Cinderella decides there's something she'd much rather do instead. This humorous story offers up a fun take on the traditional fairy tale with rhyming text and energetic illustrations.