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Sparkle Smile Stocking Stuffer Pack (Sold Out)


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The Sparkle Smile Stocking Stuffer Pack will bring endless smiles as your little unpacks this amazing pack!  


Claire Headband by Bling2o:

Kids delight over this sparkly accessory! 


Smiley Face Socks by Malibu Sugar:

Pink Smiley Face Socks! Great for cooler days ahead. These will definitely keep your toes warm and toasty while looking so cute!

  • Size (9-11)
  • Made in the United States


Pear and Gold Smiley Face Bracelet by Malibu Sugar:

Half Pearl & Half Gold Beaded Smiley Face Bracelet! Such a cute way to display your Smiley Face! Perfect to add to our other styles or add to your own stack. These are the bracelets all the girls are wearing now to join the Smiley Face trend! Great gift and party favors too!

  • Bracelet has a clasp closure
  • Made in the United States


Razzle Dazzle D.I.Y. Mini Gem Art Kit: Rad Rainbow by OOLY:

OOLY’s Mini Gem Art Kit allows you to spend an afternoon in the glow of DIY. This set includes everything you need to give an already sweet rainbow design a glamorous makeover. Crafting gems in this set is easy with the included wax pencil, and with 6 packs of different colored gems to choose from, you can truly transform this happy rainbow into a glittery masterpiece. 

  • Includes artwork, 1 gem tray, 1 wax pencil, and 6 gem packs
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up


Nail Stickers by no nasties kids:

These adorable little nail decals are as cute as the little finger nails they’re adhering to.  They’re super easy to apply and makes for an easy, no mess manicure. 


Smiley Face Hair Tie Set by Love and Repeat:

Six smiley face hair ties are sure to spread happiness.