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Halloween Trick-or-Treat Basket - Large (Sold Out)


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Sun Jellies Retro Basket - Large

Sun Jellies - The Original Jelly Bag Co. 

Vegan. Recyclable. Waterproof.


Sun Jellies Baskets add a touch of nostalgia to any outfit AND they multi-task as perfect storage in your home or studio. We envision these baskets to be a charming way to package up and display your Little Holiday Halloween gifts, while also doubling as trick-or-treat baskets! In addition, the large Retro Baskets are ideal for those grownups who want to match littles toting the small Retro Bag. 


Dimensions W(13.8”) x H(12”) x D(5.5”)

Materials 100% recyclable, vegan, synthetic (LDPE)

Colors: Cream, Lilac, Peach