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Ultimate Dino Gift Pack


The Ultimate Dino Gift Pack is perfect for your Paleontologist. We have included so many fun toys and stocking stuffers for your dino loving kid! 

Ages 3+ (We think kids ages 3-8 will enjoy this pack).

Climbing Dinos by PlaySTEAM:

Assemble a triceratops and watch it climb over an obstacle. With its three-headed wheels, watch the cat climb and jump. Transform the triceratops into a T-Rex that hops. Complete with a detailed learning booklet, children can learn about robotics and engineering while building their own climbing dino! 
Dimensions: 2.75" l x 9" w x 9" h

Dealing Dinos by Ginger Fox USA:

Dig out Dealing Dinos for a game in which rapid reactions and prehistoric skill are the secrets to success. Simply race to preform the dinosaur actions, and be the first to get rid of all your cards. It's fearsomely fast and roar-some fun! 

Dinosaur 3D Puzzles Foam Puzzle Sets by Texas Toy Distribution:

These 3D Puzzles are perfect for dinosaur lovers! They are made of EPS Foam, and safe for early builders. Includes easy-to-follow assembly instructions on the back of each box! Tyrannosaurus Rex and Diplodocus Included! 
• Dimensions: 8.5" l x 1" w x 5.8" h
Excavation Kit: Dinosaur Skeletons by GeoCentral:
This active excavation kits offers children a chance to chip away at the block to expose dinosaur skeleton pieces, which can then be snapped together to assemble the complete skeleton. Each assortment includes 6 different types of dinosaurs, so multiple can be collected!
Includes: 8 dig kits with excavation tools

Dinosaurs Hatch'ems by Geo Central:

These are best-selling hatch'ems! Just add water and watch as the egg gradually cracks open over a period of 48 hours to reveal a dinosaur that grows to over 3 times its original size!
Includes: 12 hatch'ems

Dino On-the-Go by kittd: 

ROAR! Have prehistoric fun no matter where you are! Two dinosaurs (actual figures included will vary) and six colors of clay, which will not dry out, so it can be re-used over and over! The 7” play mat folds out to protect wherever they’re playing, then folds up to be stored right in the tin with the clay and dino friends. Includes: Travel tin (4 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 1"), play mat (7”), 2 dinosaurs (will vary), set of mini clay. Ages 5+. Small Parts. Made in the United States

Crystal Growing by GeoCentral:

A great project to spark an interest in crystals and how they form. Kits contain special stones and instructions to create a crystal garden. Tip: add food coloring to liquid and colorful crystals will grow!