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Ultimate Space Stocking Stuffer Pack (Sold Out)


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The Ultimate Space Stocking Stuffer Pack is perfect for your curious astronomer. This pack includes some larger items to wrap as gifts!

Ages 3+/6+ (We think kids 5-10 will enjoy this stocking stuffer pack).

3D Galaxy Projector - STEM Science Set by PlaySTEAM:

The PlaySTEAM 3D Galaxy Projector is the perfect activity for kids interested in the Solar System. Observe the Earth, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter or create your own planet with the blank projection slide. This flashlight rotates to create a 3D illusion of the galaxy to bring the Solar System to life. Complete with a 24-page learning booklet, read about the Milky Way and more fun facts about the Solar System! 


Saturn Small Space Shuttle Planet Hopper by Texas Toy Distribution:

100% compatible with leading building brick brands!


Reaction Rocket by PlaySTEAM: 

Initiate a chemical reaction from safe substances you find in your kitchen with the PlaySTEAM Reaction Rocket. Fill the rocket with baking soda and the launcher with vinegar to launch the rocket. Adjust the quantities of both to find the best formula to make the rocket fly the highest. Learn about chemistry with the PlaySTEAM Reaction Rocket.

Moon Chalk Ball by AreaWare:

Push, pull, rotate and roll on any chalk friendly surface to create murals and sidewalk doodles. Render shooting stars, lunar landscapes and starry nights from dots lines and curves. Moon Chalk is made from 100% chalk, it easily washes off any surface is non-toxic and will defy gravity if used on the surface of the moon.


Squishy Light Up Magma Ball by Handee Products:

Play catch or bounce on the ground to see the lights flash red and blue on this cool and squishy meteorite ball.


DIY Bouncing Ball Workshop by Copernicus Toys: 

Make 6 vibrant, multi-colored, high-bouncing balls! Just mix and layer the colors in the ball mold. Instructions included.


Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars by Handee Products: 

These Beautiful Glow in the Dark Wall and Ceiling Stars are a beautiful, fun decor addition to any kids room.


Crystal Growing Kit by GeoCentral:

A great project to spark an interest in crystals and how they form. Kits contain special stones and instructions to create a crystal garden. Tip: add food coloring to liquid and colorful crystals will grow!


Cubebot Micro by Areaware:

Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries. Not this one! Inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, the Cubebot is a non-traditional take on the toy robot. Cubebots's powerful hardwood frame can hold dozens poses, and his elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs make him impervious to breakage. When it's time for him to rest, he folds into a perfect cube. An enduring classic that will withstand generations of play. 

  • Material: Beech Wood