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Ultimate Sweet Treats Stocking Stuffer Pack (Sold Out)


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The Ultimate Sweet Treats Stocking Stuffer Pack is perfect for your creative kid! We have included tons of activities sure to keep them entertained. 

Ages 3+ (We think kids ages 3-7 will enjoy this box).


Rainbow Fairy Water Pen & Cards by Floss and Rock:

Floss and Rock's magic water cards make the most exciting gift and can be used over and over again. Simply fill the pen with water and color in the pictures or follow the outlines to reveal designs, letters and numbers which then slowly disappear. Supplied in a strong reusable carry case.


Rainbow Fairy Memory Match by Floss and Rock:

There’s so much fun to be had with our Memory Match Games! 36 super cards stacked up in a lovely reusable case. These gorgeous cards are illustrated in our fantastic Rainbow Fairy design featuring fairies, unicorns, rainbows, bears and more. With fabulous foiled details and lovely patterns, you’ll find 18 matching picture pairs in this perfect pick up gift! With multiple ways to play, you can either deal out the cards between players and take it in turns to lay down your cards facing up and SNAP! when it’s a marvelous match. Alternatively, you can lay all the cards facing down and take it in turns to turn two over at a time to find a perfect pair!

  • Improves cognitive skills, hand/eye coordination and memory
  • Perfect for taking out and about
  • Can be played alone or with friends
  • Includes 18 matching picture pairs 


Spot the Difference Activity Cards by OOLY:

Only your kiddo can Spot the Difference in this sweet puzzle book for kids. It features 24 different whimsical themes like two ice cream cones sprinkled with slight differences and an outer space design starring minor galactic changes. On the back of each sheet is a game of tic-tac-toe so you can challenge your kids to some X’s and O’s. This spot the difference book is a great addition to a birthday gift or a fun activity for kids while you’re on the go!


Limited Edition Unicorn Bubbles Biodegradable Waterbeads by no nasties kids:

No Nasties water beads are non-toxic, easy to use and encourage children to learn through sensory play, using hand-eye coordination. They are teeny tiny little beads, about the size of a poppy seed before they are soaked in water after which they grow approximately 150 times their original size.To grow them, you simply put them into a large bowl, cover with 5 cups of water and watch them expand over the next 5 or so hours. PRO-TIP - Use warm/hot tap water for faster growth. Once they have grown, drain away excess water and voila, you have a bowl of colorful, bouncy balls for lots of fun! 


Chunkies Pastel Paint Sticks by OOLY:

Little artists love painting, but while parents love the pictures, they don’t always love the mess. With easy to grip Chunkies Paint Sticks, kids have more control of keeping the paint on the paper and off the walls. The quick drying colors mean no more unintentional smudges, plus pictures are ready to hang almost instantly. The pastel shades add a touch of soft, subtle, yet pretty color to any art. 

  • Paint with a stick
  • Set of 6
  • No brush or water needed
  • Doesn't smudge
  • Thick barrels for little hands
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up


Gummy Bear Necklace DIY Bottle Craft by Pop Cute Inc:

Clear Bear Bottle with lots of candy-colored beads, 5 small Gummy Bear Charms and elastic string to make the cutest Gummy Bear Necklace.


Circus Animal Cookies Slime by Sonria Slime:

A circus animal cookie scented foam slime decorated with sprinkles. Infused with lemon essential oil to uplift mood. Made in the United States.


Snow Cone Scented Lollipop Pen by OOLY:

Sakox Lollypop Pens, the little pom pom pen from Korea that's making a big splash everywhere is even more fun because now they are scented.

  • Snow Cone Scented Sakox Pom Pom Pens Writes in Black Ink
  • Suitable for age 6 and up


    Michelangelo On-the-Go by kittd:

    Sculpt a mini world with 6 colors of clay. Clay won't dry out - use it over and over! The 8” play mat folds out to protect wherever you’re creating (and keep clay off the table!), then folds up to be stored right in the tin with the clay. Sculpting builds kids’ creativity, fine motor skills, and color matching and blending skills.

    • Includes: Travel tin (4 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 1"), play mat (8”, colors will vary), set of mini clay, and 2 wooden sculpting tools (colors will vary).
    • Ages 5+. Small Parts.
    • Made in the United States


    Rainbow Scoops Vanilla Scented Stacking Erasable Crayons by OOLY:

    Rainbow Scoops Stacking Erasable Crayons are a fun-loving 6 color crayon set. Each ice cream scoop has a single colored erasable crayon that lets you mix and match the 6 scoops! Each crayon comes with a fine point too, so coloring in fine details won’t be a problem. And the cone is actually a vanilla scented eraser! An easy crayon to take when traveling!


    Stickiville Gummy Bear Stickers (2 sheets) by OOLY:

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with this sweet, colorful collection of gummy bears. Adorn your notebook or bring some personality to your backpack and lunch box. There’s no limit to the whimsy these gummy bear stickers can bring to accessories like school supplies, journals, and diaries!

    • Designs feature gummy bears in an array of colors like red, orange, pink and blue Includes one sticker sheet of gummy bear-themed stickers.
    • Clear stickers with transparent backgrounds.


    Tie Dye Lollipop by Hammond's Candies:

    Cotton Candy is a new fun color and flavor by Hammond's Candies. 

    • 1oz 
    • Made in the United States


    Smiley Face Hair Tie Set by Love and Repeat:

    Six smiley face hair ties are sure to spread happiness.