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Ultimate Zoom Zoom Stocking Stuffer Pack (Sold Out)


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The Ultimate Zoom Zoom Stocking Stuffer Pack is the perfect gift for busy little people. We have included sensory, learning and building toys to play with all year long. 

Ages 3+ (We think littles 3-8 will enjoy this stocking stuffer pack).

The Ultimate Zoom Zoom Stocking Stuffer Pack includes:

Construction Memory Match by Floss and Rock: 

There’s so much fun to be had with these Memory Match Games! 36 super cards stacked up in a lovely reusable case. These gorgeous cards are illustrated in our fantastic Construction design featuring diggers, trucks, builders, bright signs and much more. With fabulous foiled details and lovely patterns, you’ll find 18 matching picture pairs in this perfect pick up gift! With multiple ways to play, you can either deal out the cards between players and take it in turns to lay down your cards facing up and SNAP! when it’s a marvellous match. Alternatively, you can lay all the cards facing down and take it in turns to turn two over at a time to find a perfect pair! Improves cognitive skills, hand/eye coordination and memory. Perfect for taking out and about. Can be played alone or with friends. Includes 18 matching picture pairs. Recommended age: 2+. Box size: L 3.1" x W 3.1" x H 6.4" / Card size: 2.75" x 2.75".

Construction Water Pen and Cards by Floss and Rock:

These magic water cards make the most exciting gift and can be used over and over again. Simply fill the pen with water and colour in the pictures or follow the outlines to reveal designs, letters and numbers which then slowly disappear. Supplied in a strong resusable carry case.

Civil Engineer Washi Tape by Copernicus Toys:

New and improved washi tape--perfect for vehicle play. This tape is made it out of paper instead of plastic! Now it's easier to remove, sticks to most surfaces, easy to reposition and remove without any sticky residue. It's also wider (2-3/4 inches of road), longer (10 meters of paper washi tape with intersections, crosswalks, & of course bike lanes)! Improve infrastructure for toy cars, enhance your toy town, make a street for a dollhouse. The possibilities stretch to the horizon. Perfect for play at home or when you're on the road out and about.

Fuzzy Blanket Slime by Sonria Slime: 

Hot chocolate scented cloud slime. Infused with cocoa essential oil for relaxing play.  Size: 7 fl. oz

Robo Tic-Tac-Toe On-the-Go by kittd:

Play tic-tac-toe while you’re on the go with these cute, portable magnetic play sets. Game pieces (blue robots vs. yellow robots) are 1” in diameter, with strong ceramic magnets. Tic-tac-toe, a classic game, teaches kids matching, strategy, and turn taking. All pieces fit inside the tin for easy storage & portability in a pocket or purse — play anywhere! Includes: Travel tin (4 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 1"), 10 magnetic tic-tac-toe pieces. Made in United States

Alphabet and Phonics Flash Cards by eeBoo: 

The 45 cards compiled by Reading Specialist Dr. Sarah Brown show upper and lower case letters, and a labeled object that starts with the letter shown. This set of large flash cards is an excellent way to reinforce learning the letters and their sound/symbol relationship. Illustrations by Monika Forsberg. Cards are 4.5” x 6”.

Color Go Fish Playing Cards by eeBoo:

Instructions included This new take on an old game involves fish-shaped cards and color matching, with bold colors like hot pink and chartreuse. A great card game that is easy to play. Illustrated by Julia Gorton. Cards are 3.25" x 4.5" 

Geo On-the-Go by eeBoo: 

Create colorful geometric sculptures no matter where you are. Great for restaurants, car trips, waiting rooms, and anywhere kids need to wait and parents want them off of electronics. Building disks grow with kids, working their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and planning skill. Kids’ creations can be as big as their imaginations, and still pack back up in the tin! Includes: Travel tin (4 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 1"), approximately 30 1” building disks (colors will vary). Made in the United States. Ages 5+. Small Parts.