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Space Gift Pack


 Space themed stocking stuffers for your budding Astronaut! 

Visoelastic Slime Test Tube by Heebie Jeebies: Heebie Jeebies presents the Slime Test Tube Lab! Just add water, and mix to make your own colored slime! It's that easy. Add 220ml of water to the slime powder, and the polymers in the powder will start to link together. When enough of the molecules get hooked together, the solution turns into slime! A simple and awesome experiment for kids that is easy to do. A gross, slimy experiment that makes for a fun sensory experience boys and girls of all ages will love. Stretch it, snap it, squish it, knead it - its loads of fun. Available in pink, red, blue, green and yellow. Collect them all!

Colorful Twinkle Stars by University Games: Stick these glow in the dark stars on walls and ceilings to bring joy and nostalgia to the night 

Whole Geode by Copernicus Toys: Geodes are rocks with a secret. The exterior of the most common geodes is generally limestone or a related rock, but inside is a sparkly quartz crystal or chalcedony deposits. 

Moon Projector by Carry the beauty of moonlight and project it wherever you go with this convenient moon torch.

Requires three AG13 button cell batteries (included). 5yr+

FizzRocket by Heebie Jeebies: This mini rocket can be launched again and again with the explosive power of bicarb and vinegar. The Fizz Rocket is filled with these two household items which create a chemical reaction that makes a build-up of carbon dioxide which shoots out the base of the rocket and shoots the rocket up. Simply put 1 small scoop (included) full of bicarb soda into the rocket base, add a large scoop (included) of vinegar into the base, clip the rocket onto the base then place it on the group and wait for lift-off! Suitable for outdoor use only. Dimensions on stand: 10.5cm tall x 7.5cm wide. Colors include purple and orange (chosen at random). Contains small parts, adult supervision required for children under 14 years of age.