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What to expect in your Little Holiday box

Your curators Michelle and Avery excel at picking thoughtful, holiday-inspired goods. We choose quality items that you can use during the season at hand (Hello, photo op!) and beyond. Our boxes are tailored to the specific stage of your little one, we offer both baby and toddler boxes. As we strive to shop for unique products to help enhance each holiday experience, we often find that our favorites are from small shops and are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. A win, win, win!  

We would love you to….play, decorate, read, create, and celebrate with Little Holiday! 

Play: Toy, toys, toys! We know you already have enough. We know that less is more, and that the last thing you need is more clutter. Still, our littles learn and grow by playing. Therefore, we choose quality educational products which enhance your child’s development and which you’ll enjoy having around. After all, a toy that keeps a child imagining and playing is the best kind there is! And since toys go straight into our littlest babes’ mouths, we seek out baby products that are non toxic.

Decorate: Hang one of our banners or set out some treats on our holiday-themed plates. Put your party clothes on! It’s a holiday!

Read: One of our favorite times of day is curling up with our littles for storytime. We’ll select holiday-focused books to help expand your experience of the current season. We bet you won’t have the ones we choose yet. We search out new releases!

Create: We admire our DIY and craft wizard friends. However, we don’t all excel in this category, right?! Let us take the thought and planning out of the equation, so you can simply open our included craft and easily create together. Watch your littles exercise their imaginations and gain independence.

Celebrate: We will always include a tee or onesie in your box that is unique to our shop. Our onesies are 100% organic with the perfect amount of stretch and comfort for your little one. Our kids’ tees are made in the USA and are super soft and durable--definitely kid-approved. We have so much fun designing these for you! School holiday dress days? We’ve got you covered. And if we find an accessory we love, we will include that, too.

BONUS! For our sweet-tooth toddlers, we will spoil you all a bit with a little treat or baking inspiration. It is a holiday, after all! Share with the grown ups, please??


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