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Getting in the Christmas Spirit with Little Holiday

Getting in the Christmas Spirit with Little Holiday

We invite you and your littles to celebrate Christmas with Little Holiday this year!

We created Little Holiday because we understand that parents cherish the opportunity to make every day in their littles’ lives more special. We also understand that busy mommas face endless demands and long days. Limited time and energy remain to hunt for amazing gifts and decorations that can transform ordinary days into extraordinary ones. Searching for those perfect holiday gifts can be so . . . overwhelming. 

At Little Holiday, our wish is that our holiday boxes can inspire your very best memories! Nothing is better than seeing your little ones light up and there is truly something extra special when that Christmas magic is in the air. 

That's why we created our Getting in the Christmas Spirit boxes. To help set the tone for what is sure to be a magical Christmas season. 

Here's how we envision you getting the most out of your holiday boxes - follow along to see how we used our Red, White and Green Getting in the Christmas Spirit Box . . . 

When your curated box arrives, take out your North Pole Snow Card and write a message to your little one from the North Pole:


Chloe & Sadie -- it's December 1st and Christmas will be here before you know it! I'm so proud to see how well you two have been playing together. Your kindness does not go unnoticed. Keep it up and remember to think of different ways you can spread your love and kindness each and every day. 

I know you girls don't get much snow out there in California, so I wanted to send along a special delivery - attached to this card, you will find magic snow straight from the North Pole! Here is the secret recipe for the magic snow as well as how to make Snow Slime.



I hope you enjoy playing with your North Pole snow! 

I've also included in your package, a few postcards for you to fill out and send back to the North Pole. I would love to hear how things are going and what you are looking forward to most this Christmas (and I of course always love getting mail).

Don't forget to hang up your Elf on the Advent Calendar garland; this will help count down the days until Christmas. Each card on the garland includes a fun activity to celebrate the days and as the days progress, turn each piece over and the back will spell "Holly Jolly Christmas Day" when all twenty-five are turned! 

Pick a night where you make Christmas cookies with the Santa & Reindeer Cookie Cutters, take a bath with your Frosty the Snowman bath bomb, and snuggle in to read the Christmas story I sent, The Magical Christmas Store. 

This is an exciting time of year - all of us here at the North Pole are working very hard to make Christmas extra special this year; try and think of ways you can make something extra special for someone else this year too! 

Sending All My Love,

Santa Claus


Once your little one opens their completed card from the North Pole with their Little Holiday box, watch and celebrate as the Christmas magic unfolds this season! And as they say, 'don't blink'.

Merry Christmas xoxo