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The Anatomy of a 'Little Holiday' celebration

The Anatomy of a 'Little Holiday' celebration

Each parent and each kid is unique, so there is no “right” or “best” way to celebrate a holiday with the little in your life, but here are a few ideas.



We’re big fans of planning and not "winging it" when it comes to celebrating a holiday with our kids. First, think of a few activities you want to do with them that are fun, educational, adventurous, or a mixture of all three. No need to go overboard; less is often more. Even 1-2 thoughtfully planned activities initiate the holiday spirit.

An upcoming holiday can leave us feeling like we need to do EVERYTHING. To keep things simple, choose one activity that you are excited about and that will fulfill you both. Avoid over-planning, which can lead to checking activities off a list instead of enjoying the moment.

Having trouble thinking of activities? What does your child love to do? What do  you enjoy? How can you blend them? Is being in the kitchen your thing? Bake a holiday-themed treat together. If your child loves reading at bedtime, stock up on holiday-themed books. You both enjoy the outdoors? Go for a walk and look for signs of the new season.

Of course, Little Holiday can complement any of these favorite holiday activities with our themed boxes! 



Set aside everything you will need for your activity and dedicate time for it so the  hours and days don't get away from you (we’ve all been there before). Physically mark your calendar and anticipate fun with your family!  Then hype up the event with your kids. Sometimes anticipation can be just as exciting as the activity itself!  


Execute & ENJOY

You’ve planned and prepped, now it’s time to execute! But don’t forget the intent of celebrating: it’s all about sharing excitement and fun with your kids, and, in the process,  having fun and making memories. Send your inner perfectionist mom to the beach while you enjoy your bonding time.

Sometimes we just need to give our kids resources for creative play. They want to mix frosting colors together for those cookies? Go with it! Who knows, they may have begun a new family tradition that you’ll always remember.