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STEM Gift Pack


Create and learn while having a blast with our STEM Stocking Stuffer Bundle. 

Bouncing Ball Test Tube by Heebie Jeebies: This bouncing ball kit is perfect for any scientist looking to have some fun. With just water and the included instructions, you can create your own bouncing ball in no time. Perfect for a rainy day or a party game, this kit is sure to keep everyone entertained.

Bubbles of Steel by Copernicus Toys: These bubbles are heroic! How's that? Well, these bubbles can be touched and they won't pop. These are tough bubs. You can make bubbly stacks or even bubble sculptures. Sometimes you find a little bubble weeks later, just sitting there being... not your basic bubble.

Whole Geode by Copernicus Toys: Geodes are rocks with a secret. The exterior of the most common geodes is generally limestone or a related rock, but inside is a sparkly quartz crystal or chalcedony deposits. 

Ferromagnetic Fluid Test Tube by Heebie Jeebies: Make your very own ferromagnetic fluid and experiment with magnets with this easy-to-use test tube kit. Each test tube contains a bag of special magnetic powder and a strong magnet, so when you suspend the powder in a liquid, you can place the magnet near the tube and watch amazing.

Tangram Pocket Puzzler by University Games: Pocket Puzzlers are brain-bending challenges offered in pocket-size choices. Solve over 50 silhouette challenges using only seven tangram pieces. 

Vintage Planet Racing Planes by University Games: These two balsa wood planes are easy to assemble and perfect for the young at heart.

Hanayama Diamond by University Games: Hanayama cast puzzles are some of the world's finest brain teasers. High-quality, cast metal puzzles.

Giant Monster Balloon by Copernicus Toys: Gargantuan! Huge! Mammoth! This scary big balloon is at least 3 feet, maybe bigger if you dare... Use it for delightful play or to think about the atmosphere, air molecules, and other fun stuff. Phenomenally large. Comes in assorted colors Packaged with a large googly eye to stick on to further monster-ify the balloon.